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Guadalquivir Río de Historia

Among the projects that the Nao Victoria Foundation promotes and develops, Guadalquivir Río de Historia stands out. Promoted together with the andalusian Government (Junta de Andalucía), is managed by a public Consortium represented by the regional Economy and Treasury ministry and other administrations.

Being considered as an strategic project for Andalucía and because of its great social, economic and touristic interest, this project was declared exceptional public interest Event by the State General Budgets Law in 2008. (BOE 310, Thursday 27th December 2007)

The project has three main lines:

  • To Integrate the heritage, resources and enclaves of the Guadalquivir linked to navigation and discoveries during the 16th and 17th century in a cultural and touristic route: Derroteros del Guadalquivir.
  • To Spread and promote Andalucía and the Guadalquivir all over the world. The Nao Victoria Foundation has built the Galeón Andalucía, a real size replica of a 17th century spanish galleon , that will be a support for the international promotion of Andalucía and its resources.
  • To Promote, organize and sponsor cultural, sport and leisure events, adding to carry out other projects and initiatives that contribute to provide with value and spread the historical relevance of Andalucía and its people in the Discovery History.

Many institutions and entities support this project, among them: Spanish Government, Andalusian Government, Provincial Councils and City Councils, Councils and municipal groups and andalusian Universities.